The Salton Sea Coalition is a group of concerned citizens, local officials and water experts in Southern California who advocate for the importation of water to refill and rejuvenate the Salton Sea. Questions or requests for information can be directed to Chuck Parker at SaltonSeaCoalition99@gmail.com

Why Import Water

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tc6OBRjXh0

1) Address health problems due to toxic dust from drying Salton Sea.

  • Keep the most toxic elements still under water from becoming airborne.
  • Healthy environments provide peace of mind, sprit, and soul searching.
  • Healthy environments build healthy bodies.

2) Restore, & protect and our environment

  • Bring back fish and wildlife.
  • Provide a rich and natural environment for our future generations.

3) Healthy environments bring prosperity.

  • Prosperity supports restaurants, arts and crafts, entertainment.
  • Healthy environments increase property values, and create a healthy space for building low cost housing.
  • Water import will keep the price of water and food at a lower cost.

4) Water import can completely fill the Salton Sea.

  • Water import will make the Salton Sea less salty.
  • Save the total depletion of our natural aquifers to be a precious reserve for future use and prevent land subsidence.

5) Water can be imported from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

  • Pacific Ocean route would keep project in-state.
  • Sea of Cortez route needs to be an international project.
  • Sea of Cortez route in less costly, cheapest is 800 million.
  • Pacific Ocean Route is most costly is 15 billion.

6) Desalination of salty water can be done with safety measures to store and sell salt.

  • Salty water can be made into potable water to drink, wash, and irrigate land.

7) California is in a drought, along with Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

  • Our local water supply is low and unable to fulfill existing needs.
  • Can be a major source of water supply for the Southwest.

8) Safe Lithium Extracition and Water Import are compatible.

  • Water import will provide safe, clean air for geothermal workers.
  • Lithium extraction requires large amounts of pure water.
  • Lithium can be extracted with slanted pipe tunnel under a filled lake.
  • Lithium, Agri and Water businesses can use part of profits to keep our environment pristine, keeping life healthy for all.